Don’t Make These Decorating Mistakes Inside Your Baldwin Park Home Office


Do you regularly bring work home with you? If so, why not use spare rooms inside your¬†Baldwin Park apartment as office space? Flexibility, fewer distractions, home comforts - these are just a few of the many advantages associated with working from home. An opportunity to get a better work-life balance, a home office could help you achieve an increased level … [Read more...]

Get Back to Yoga at Baldwin Park This Fall


Looking for a new fitness challenge to take on this fall? Yoga provides a multitude of health and mental benefits and it's fun and challenging.¬†End your week and begin the weekend on Friday mornings in a Baldwin Park yoga fitness class. Grab your neighbors and head over to the Grace Hopper Hall Community Center for one of two fall yoga classes … [Read more...]

5 Things That Will Help Train Your Dog Here at Our Baldwin Park Apartments


Understanding your dog's behavior starts with proper communication. While we may not speak the same language as our furry friends, there are ways to build a better relationship through interpreting his/her actions properly. Unless you tackle bad behavior quickly, your four-legged friend may become aggressive, which could make living in your Baldwin Park … [Read more...]

Experience Authentic Italian at La Bella Luna in Baldwin Park


Eating out at phenomenal restaurants isn't hard when you live at Baldwin Park, because many of the nearby eateries serve unique foods. One that specializes in authentic Italian cuisine is La Bella Luna. Offering intimate dine-in services and outdoor seating, the business can be found on 4886 New Broad Street. Take-out and free delivery is available at … [Read more...]

Central Florida’s Newest Family Event of the Year is Coming to Harbor Park


Get ready for Central Florida's newest family event happening in Harbor Park on Saturday morning, November 1. Community Based Care of Central Florida is hosting this inaugural 5K/Stroller Derby. If you have been looking for a good spirited 5K to participate in this fall, you need to look no further. Involve all of your friends and family because in … [Read more...]